construmat Fachada PF-100-140 PF-4 Enfoscadora PF-48 PLASTERING

Machines for plaster and mortar projecting

Premixed plaster machines, common and special mortars, tile installers, concrete and micro-concrete.

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PutzFaster we have for many years in the manufacture and sale of machinery for gypsum mortar project. We have a high range of tools for professionals who use our machines PUTZ-FASTER: plasterers, tilers, Mortar and enforcers of traditional mortars, premixed and even monolayers. In addition to a variety of accessories such as: (Stator-Rotor, spare parts, tools yesaires, lifeguards, etc.).


  • Plastering PF-48

    The machine FASTER PUTZ-PF-48 is ideal for the application of plaster-based premixed cement, plaster or insulating material. Appropriate for coating...

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  • Plastering PF-4

    The Machine PF PUTZ-FASTER-4, is particularly suitable for the application of plasters and mortars. Mix water with dry mortar prepared,...

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  • Transport PF-100 and PF-140

    Transports from the silo completely automatic and free of dust, dry mortar or plaster, to the machine design, stationary silos...

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